Andrea Pascual: Our New Logo and Visual Energy


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Fresh Start

I wanted to start 2021 in a new direction. My old branding needed new energy. Months of thinking gave me the time to create a new look that feels fresh and unique to me.

My Emblem

The new emblem for Andrea Pascual is drawn from a vintage photo of my mom. I’ve been blessed to have a loving and supportive mom who comes in a package deal with her equally loving twin! My brand values family, relationships, community, support, and creativity — there's no other way for me to convey this than through the image of my mom.

My Word Mark

I used the sans serif typeface "Soleil" from Vienna-based foundry TypeTogether for my word mark. My word mark evokes honesty and optimism in its shape, boldness, solid letterforms, and close kerning.

My Colours

I chose mint green as my brand colour because it is fresh, hopeful, and optimistic  how I wish for us to feel, as we learn from our past and make changes and strides into our future. The colour black solidifies the tenacity of my brand, while orange acts as a warm, contrasting accent colour.

My Monogram

I drew out my initials in block letterform, and flipped them to create a monogram that can be used in different applications on my goods. I have a lot of ideas for this, but I don't wanna spill all my secrets just yet!

What do you think of the new look? Leave me a comment or send me a message! 

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